Shared Harvest Community Farm & Educational Centre

A registered Not-For Profit Farm

At Shared Harvest Community Farm we aim to exemplify the principles of the Triple Bottom Line: Environmental stewardship, social responsibility and financial stability. To this effect, environmental stewardship and social responsibility are weaved through everything that we do. We grow organic produce so that we protect the land, air and water. The protection of your health as well as the health of the planet inspires and encourages us to
work hard to keep this farm and its mission, vision and values financially sustainable.

We grow over 40 kinds of vegetables and have over 100 varieties in production for our C.S.A. as well as farmer’s markets. We host a range of live music events; workshops and we work with local schools and offer internships in cooperation with the​ C.R.A.F.T program.



Create a world where all people have access to nutritious, environmentally sustainable and fairly traded food.


1)    Produce food that is environmentally sustainable, locally desirable and socially responsible.
2)    Raise awareness on organic and environmentally sustainable food production.
3)    Promote backyard and empty lot farming.
4)    Raise awareness on the connection between good food and vibrant
5)    Promote access to fresh food especially to low income families.
(Good Food Boxes)
6)    Promote “need based” life styles as an alternative to consumerism.
7)    Empower individuals to empower themselves and others.
8)    Promote practical pathways to maintaining healthy and vibrant
body, mind and spirit.


The Workhand

We are a group of young farmers, interns and community volunteers who are committed to growing certified organic food for you in an environmentally sustainable way that nourishes our soil, the plants and our bodies.
We hope to teach people about seasonally appropriate foods that grow here during the season. We also hope shareholders will learn how to prepare new exciting vegetables like kohlrabi and purslane. We would also like people to learn the rewards of growing their own food in their backyards with our demonstration plots along the driveway.