Turnip the beets Family music festival July 20th 2019

Turnip the Beets is our annual music festival. Fun for the whole family. We always have lots of local music, artists, food fresh out of our 4 acre certified organic gardens, ping pong tables, vendors, farm tours, and new fun every year. The meals are yummy, the music will be groovin' and the vibe will be chill. We have space for a limited number of people to camp overnight and enjoy a late night bonfire and some more jamming. Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, sleeping bags and beverages and enjoy a unique atmosphere down here in Canada's deep south under the 100+ year old willow trees 200 metres off the Grand River. A unique festival and great getaway! 

This year we will be having a paper airplane throwing contest! Paper will be provided and contestants will have 15 minutes to fold and decorate (if inspired) their worthy craft. Winner will receive a box of veggies and a trip for two to visit the cooler to pick it up. All in the name of food and fun. 

Our Line-Up for 2019


Rafik Guirguis

Kids Ballet

 Whitney Pea

Fat Moth

James Favron

Blues with Kevin and Craig 

Ol' Child

Darcy Feaver