Frequently Asked Questions

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We like to encourage our members to try new veggies, experiment with their cooking, and enjoy the pleasant surprises of eating local, seasonal food most of the year. Our crop plan includes a lot of variety and well-known favourites so everyone gets to eat what they love. Customization can be a time consuming, complicated, (and sometimes expensive) process when you're operating with a small crew like we are.

That said, we want you to smile when see our produce, not feel confused about what to do with it. So feel free to let us know if there are any items you absolutely can't stand and we will do our best to accommodate. We're always willing to have a conversation. Happy, healthy plants and people is what we're all about!


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It's a crop-sharing system where our farm and our customers are closely connected and share in the ups and downs of the farm season together. Our members subscribe to a season of vegetables, and in return for their commitment the farm provides a weekly box (share) of the produce harvested. If the farm produces a bumper crop of tomatoes, our customers get extra at no additional cost! If a planting of carrots doesn't germinate, we do our best to substitute something else or procure a replacement whenever possible. 

This system allows us to know we have the support of the community and loyal customers we can count on seeing every week. It also fosters great relationships, and creates a more sustainable farm-to-fork socioeconomic model.

Registration / Membership

1. Choose the season you're interested in (they can vary in length as well as the selection of veggies available) and the size that best suits your household.

2. Choose your pickup location or home delivery.

3. Choose your payment frequency and method.

4. Provide us with all the information we need to make it happen.

5. Collect your veggies every week and enjoy the seasonal flavours and colours!